Top-performing Whitestown Real Estate Agents of 2023:

Top-performing Whitestown Real Estate Agents of 2023:

  • Cara Conde
  • 10/28/23


Whitestown, Indiana, a gem in the heart of Boone County, has seen an impressive surge in real estate activity over the past few years. As the fastest-growing municipality in Indiana for several years, its thriving community and strategic location have made it a prime spot for homebuyers and investors alike. And while several real estate agents are contributing to the town's growth, some agents have made a mark with their exceptional performance. Let's delve deeper into the top-performing Whitestown Real Estate Agents of 2023.

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A Brief Glimpse of Whitestown’s Rich History

Before recognizing the champions of the real estate industry in Whitestown, it’s crucial to understand the place they operate in. Founded in 1851, Whitestown was named after Albert Smith White, a U.S. Senator from Indiana. The town has come a long way from its humble agricultural roots. With the expansion of railroads and highways, Whitestown experienced an influx of businesses, families, and, subsequently, real estate opportunities.

The Present and Future of Whitestown

Whitestown's present is as vibrant as its history. With new residential developments, parks, schools, and commercial centers, the town presents an ideal mix of suburban comfort and modern conveniences. Moreover, as tech hubs and industries emerge in and around the region, the future of Whitestown looks promising. Predictions indicate that it will continue its upward trajectory, with an increasing demand for homes and commercial spaces.

Realtor Cara Conde of FC Tucker: A Name Synonymous with Excellence

Among the numerous real estate professionals making strides in Whitestown, Realtor Cara Conde of FC Tucker stands out prominently. Her expertise, dedication, and customer-centric approach have earned her a place among the top-performing agents this year.

A recent review of Cara Conde encapsulates her dedication to her clients:

"Cara was my agent twice, once for buying a property and once for selling. She is very professional, an expert, and approachable. I have been very comfortable sharing my preferences during the process of each transaction. I was able to trust that she had my best interest at heart and made sure I am happy with each outcome, instead of being pushy to just close a deal."

Such testimonials are a testament to her commitment. Instead of focusing on sheer transactional numbers, Cara emphasizes understanding her clients' needs and ensuring their utmost satisfaction.

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Sales Volume, Customer Reviews, and Local Awards: The Three Pillars of Recognition

  1. Sales Volume: While it's common knowledge in real estate circles that a high sales volume often equates to an agent's success, it's the consistency in delivering those numbers that matters. Cara Conde has consistently been at the forefront, representing both buyers and sellers, and achieving impressive sales figures in 2023.

  2. Customer Reviews: In an era where online reviews can make or break a business, it's evident that Cara’s clients hold her in high regard. Multiple positive testimonials, like the one shared earlier, showcase her dedication, professionalism, and expertise in the field.

  3. Local Awards: Recognitions and awards from local real estate associations and businesses provide an objective measure of an agent's success. Cara Conde, with her vast contributions to the Whitestown real estate landscape, has been the recipient of multiple local accolades in 2023.


The real estate market in Whitestown is booming, and behind this success lies the hard work of dedicated professionals like Cara Conde. As Whitestown evolves, the role of top-performing agents becomes even more critical in shaping its future. They don’t just sell properties; they build communities, pave the way for development, and play a part in scripting the town's history. Cara Conde, with her exceptional track record in 2023, is undoubtedly leading the charge.

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