Buy the Best Houses in Fishers Indiana

Buy the Best Houses in Fishers Indiana

  • Cara Conde
  • 10/18/23

So you're thinking of moving to Fishers Indiana and you have a much bigger budget and looking for something that's a little bit on the higher end Market well in this video I will be doing a tour of Canal Place which is a neighborhood in Fishers that definitely

Falls in this category so if this is what you're looking for or you're just curious what this neighborhood is about well keep watching because I'm gonna get to it right now

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my name is Cara with FC Tucker your local real estate expert bringing you another episode of Indie Vibe okay so Canal Place is a neighborhood in Fishers which is a suburb here in Indianapolis there are a little over 250 homes in this neighborhood and it is bordered on the west side by Olio Road and it is located a little bit north of one of the

Fort Street and it's boarded on the North Side by guys specified actually hugs a portion of guys lake so that means some of the homes in this neighborhood are actually right on the water which is why there's a wide range Enterprises of the homes that recently


sold from 730 for the least expensive one all the way to over 1.3 million for the most expensive home that sold and that for sure is right on the water now let's check out a few homes in Canal Place now this one recently sold for 730 000. it has five bedrooms four full baths and one half bath with a total square footage of 5 395 square feet now that includes a fully finished basement that has a square footage of 1778 square feet now it is an all brick home with a three-car side load garage the home features a two-story Pantry brand entry and a two-story great room as well as a big Master Suite with a

fully remodeled master bathroom very nice backyard with the deck and pergola and the home sits on 0.4 of an acre okay so on to the next home in this neighborhood now this one recently sold for 805 thousand dollars and as you can see it has a beautiful exterior

elevation single story with a full basement and a three-car side load Garage on a quarter lot it has four bedrooms four full baths and one half bath with a total square footage of six thousand two hundred sixty five square feet inclusive of 26.94 square foot basement now the lot size is a little bit over 0.4 of an acre one nice feature of this home is a three Season room that actually has a gas fireplace okay so on to our third feature Home in this neighborhood I actually really love the out vision of this hole now the garages are not side load but I actually like that they're not they complement the

overall look of the home especially with the three Dormers directly on top of the

garages not okay so for the specs six bedrooms with Master on the main level six full baths and three half baths oh my goodness nine total baths in this home this home has more bathrooms than bedrooms I'm telling you now total square footage is 75 10 square feet inclusive of a fully finished basement which is a walkout that is almost 3 000 square feet it has a nice Gourmet Kitchen and everything is spacious in this home it also has a very nice patio and a covered porch also I love the bricks on the exterior it has this German schmear look love okay so on to our fourth and final featured home in Canal Place this one by far is the most expensive home that sold in the neighborhood in

the last six months it sold for a little over 1.3 million dollars well you guessed it it is Waterfront which explains the big jump in price it has a boat dock and lift swimming

pool hot tub The Works just really great outdoor space now it is significantly smaller than the previous home at 6610 square feet inclusive of a 2600 square foot walkout basement now it's got four bedrooms four full baths and one half bath it sits at almost a one acre lot so there you have it folks these are just four of the most recently sold homes in Canal Place now stick around if you want to see a driving tour of the neighborhood thank you I hope this video gave you an idea of the kind of homes and price points you can expect at Canal Place here in Fishers I get calls and emails every day from people just like you looking for help making their move to Fishers Indiana and I absolutely love it so whether you're moving in nine days or 90 days give us a call shoot us a text or send us an email so I can help you make a smooth move to Fishers Indiana well until next time see ya

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