Choosing the Best Indianapolis Suburb for Upsizing

Choosing the Best Indianapolis Suburb for Upsizing

  • Cara Conde
  • 06/7/22

Selling your old home and moving into a nicer and bigger one is an exciting idea. After all, more space usually means more comfort. Add to the fact that Indianapolis real estate offers more bang for your buck than most coastal markets. One of the best things about living in the Hoosier state is that families don't need to cram into overpriced tiny apartments.
If you're looking to upsize in the Indianapolis area, read on for some pointers to make things as efficient as possible.

Don't rush into it

According to Forbes, mortgage rates are expected to continue rising before the end of 2022, which has led many families to consider upsizing soon before interest rates climb. However, trying to time interest forecasts shouldn't be the primary motivation for trying to upsize.
Instead, homeowners should consider whether upsizing is more of a want or a need. Many homeowners want to upsize because they feel cramped in their current home, but that feeling may be due to inefficient space usage as opposed to limited square footage. If a room has morphed into a storage unit with scattered boxes, power tools, or sports equipment, simply reorganizing may solve many problems.
While bigger homes will have equally bigger values, other expenses may get overlooked. Owning a larger house often leads to hefty utility bills, more significant landscaping responsibilities, and higher property taxes. (You can calculate Indiana property tax rates here.)
Of course, there are plenty of clear-cut reasons to upsize your living situation. A growing family, needing to care for a parent, and looking for a better school district, among countless other reasons, can justify the need to upsize. Additionally, many families may not necessarily need to upsize but have the financial means and desire to do so anyway.

What to look for in a larger home

After you have decided that upsizing is the right move for you, it's time to determine exactly what you want. Make a list of what features you want from your new home. These can range from having a larger garage and more gardening space to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. After deciding what you want in a home, it is time to consider what you want in a neighborhood. The Indianapolis real estate market has some excellent areas that are with considering.

The best areas to upsize in the Indianapolis area


Zionsville is a northwest suburb of Indianapolis. The town has a rustic charm, as its brick top roads are lined with historic Victorian homes. With a population of about 30,000, Zionsville is great for those looking for a quiet place to live while still being close to the city. The town is well-kept, with such an abundance of green spaces that many residents refer to it as "the town within a park."
While indeed a quiet place to live, that doesn't mean there is nothing to do. Downtown Zionsville is a quaint little area with charming storefronts. Mature trees keep it well shaded in the summer, and it is the place to be during the winter holidays. It's no surprise that Zionsville routinely gets ranked as one of the best places to live in the entire country, given its Victorian charm.
Zionsville Community Schools received an A+ rating from, making it an excellent location to raise a family. Unlike neighboring towns, Zionsville has a small student population, allowing the schools to provide a better teacher-to-student ratio. Zionsville High School offers all the extracurricular activities you would expect, like football, band, choir, and countless other clubs.


Photo Courtesy of Homes of the Rich
Carmel is directly north of Indianapolis and is one of the most populated suburban towns. Carmel has excellent infrastructure, earning it the nickname "Roundabout Capital of the World."  With its pristine roads and verdant parks, Carmel regularly ranks among the best places to live in the United States. About 100,000 residents call Carmel home, making it large enough to limit the need to travel into the city.
While Indiana is already known for having excellent public schools, Carmel arguably has the best school system in the state. From kindergarten to high school, just about every school in Carmel ranks exceptionally high. About 5,000 students attend Carmel High School, making it one of the largest in the state. Students can easily choose to pursue extracurriculars in athletics and arts.


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Fishers is located on the northeast end of the greater Indianapolis area. The town offers high-quality life with tons of shopping and outdoor entertainment facilities. Fishers is one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the area, creating a key distinction between the east and west sides of town. West Fishers is where all the action is, holding the town's amphitheater and the Nickel Plate District. East Fishers is newer and more residential, making it better for those looking for a quieter lifestyle.
Fisher's High School ranks tenth in the state and has a smaller student population than neighboring Carmel. Still, the smaller amount of students makes it easier for extracurricular clubs to flourish, as they tend to be less competitive. Additionally, the smaller student population allows for more personal guidance from teachers and counselors.


Geist is located in the northeast corner of the greater metro area. It is home to the 1,900-acre Geist Reservoir, making it a unique spot for waterfront real estate. The town is accompanied by lush, wooded forests, making it an excellent neighborhood for outdoor enthusiasts. Geist is also home to the famous Daniel's Vineyard. The Vineyard hosts events year-round, from live music to Christmas parties. 
Geist hosts three different school districts of varying quality: Laurence, Hamilton, and Mt. Vernon. The segmented school districts can make real estate shopping a little more complicated than in other suburbs in Indianapolis, but there are plenty of private schools to choose from. Still, they may be a noticeable drive away.



While it is on the further northern end of the metro area, Westfield is one of the most family-centric towns you can find in Indiana. The city is home to Grand Park, the largest youth sports complex in the country. Grand Park hosts 26 baseball fields, 31 multipurpose fields, three indoor fields, a basketball complex, and over 10 miles of running trails. While far from the city, you probably won't be taking any long road trips for youth sports if you live in Westfield.
Public schools are managed by the Westfield-Washington School district, which holds an A+ rating from The total student body is rather small, with only about 8,400 students throughout the entire K-12 range.


Noblesville is also on the northern edge of Indianapolis, but like Zionsville, Noblesville has a quaint historic charm. The suburb has a downtown square that is anchored by a landmark courthouse that is flanked by shops and restaurants. While Noblesville does have a reputation for being a quiet town, it is home to the Ruoff Music Center– the state's second-largest music venue. Ruoff can hold an audience of up to 30,000 people, attracting top musical acts. Noblesville is also home to the Morse Reservoir, which, while not nearly as big as the Geist Reservoir, still allows for waterfront properties to be available. 
The Noblesville School district holds an A- rating on While the district has excellent reviews for its teachers and college prep, it doesn't offer as many clubs and activities as other districts. Nonetheless, it is still an excellent district by national standards. Noblesville High School is the only high school in the town and holds a little more than 3,000 students.


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Lawerence is located just south of Geist. Lawrence is an excellent location for nature lovers, given its proximity to Geist Reservoir and Fort Harrison State Park. While providing ample outdoor activities, Lawrence is also quite close to downtown Indianapolis. As such, it offers the best of both worlds, with comfortable suburban living and being just a short drive away from the city. Lawrence is one of the most affordable suburbs in Indianapolis, making it a great spot to upsize on a budget. With its proximity to Geist and Indianapolis, there are plenty of quality private schools to choose from, as well.
Whichever Indianapolis Suburb is best for you, partnering with the right realtor can help you find the perfect property. Cara Conde has over two decades of real estate experience. With a certification as a Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, Cara can help you upsize into a new home. Contact Cara today, and be sure to follow her blog for the latest Indianapolis real estate news.

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